Zak & Misty - In Home

Zak & Misty were the second ever couple I ever photographed, and I still love that session. They are so much to be around. At one point Zak was playing guitar and both him & Misty were singing Smelly Cat from Friends. It’s so fun being in the homes of couples, to see how they make their house/apartment their own. With your own little quirks.


Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
What are they feeding you?
Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat,
It's not your fault!

They won't take you to the vet,
You're obviously not their favorite pet,
You may not be a bed of roses
You're no friend to those with noses!

I promise you before we're done
All the world will smell as one!

If you haven’t seen it, here is the video clip of the song, now you can sing along.