waimea canyon engagement

Veronica & Elliot // Waimea Canyon Engagement Session

Because I live in Southern Utah, I’m already surrounded by red dirt, red rock, red everything there isn’t many other colours. But the red dirt that is Kauai is so much better, because you are surrounded by the blueness of the ocean, it is unreal! The jeep pictures make it a NEED not a want, to have photos like that with my lover. Since we live in Southern Utah and near-ish of Moab I feel like that is something we can squeeze into our lives. Both Kauai & Southern Utah are full of fun adventures, except you trade waterfalls for rock climbing places and surfing waves for mountain biking. That’s why I feel like I need a house in both places, because they are both perfect for someone who loves the play outside.

Veronica & Elliot are so #blessed for being raised in Kauai, this beautiful magical land. I wish my hair was as lush as Veronica’s and I could pull of those CUTE short overalls.