snow canyon state park

Portrait- Chanelle

Holy Guacamole! Isn't Chanelle just absolutely stunning & a natural beauty. Chanelle served an LDS mission in the Philippines for 18 months and learned to speak fluent Tagalog. She has a heart of gold, and very genuine. This may partly sound like a dating ad, partly because I want some rad dude to come sweep her off her feet. We headed to Snow Canyon State Park on the most perfect January day and got these beauties! 

Also, if you don't know where "holy guacamole" phrase came from, please click on this.

Snow Canyon State Park - Styled Shoot

I've been so blessed that my husband has encouraged me to truly go after something that I love. Photography has been something I've been wanting to do since I was a young child, I can show you pictures I've taken in elementary and early middle school days.. they are not pretty. But as look as I could remember I've always owned a camera. 

Something I've learned in my recent journey was that the creative community is just that a community. There is a common phrase I've learned "community over competition".

Stephanie Jade Photography  created this featured styled shoot in order for some of Southern Utah photographers could meet and hang out. It was a blast, we had a dance party, tripped into bushes and got stabbed by succulents. 

The rest of the vendors are linked in the bottom of this post. 

styled by stephanie jade photography
dress by janay marie
hair and makeup by stephanie jade styles
florals arranged by jocelyns floral