McKenna & Helaman // Joshua Tree Engagements

McKenna & Helaman were so stinking fun to shoot with! We had an early morning shoot (praise the time change!! really though…I love it, big fan) Helaman is a DJ for a roller blading place in Northern Utah so naturally we bonded over music. In the middle of the session I put on some jams and wanted a dance off, that is where I quickly learned that McKenna doesn’t like to dance GASP. But the pictures were really cute of Helaman trying to woo his woman. McKenna is probably in the top 5 of the sweetest people I’ve ever met, that’s why being with her while she got her first ticket makes me the saddest. I felt and still feel extremely bad for her. What happened to getting out of tickets? She deserved that!

Even though Joshua Tree National Park is 5 hours away, we can drive 45 minutes to have our own Joshua Tree oasis. It’s equally as hot, but barely populated. It made me want to pack up my car and go camping, sometimes working a real big girl job really crushes your spirit when all you want to do is play.

Now look at all their cuteness.

The last three images were shot on 35mm film. Something I’m hoping to start incorporating in every shoot.

joshua tree engagement