Kyanna & Brayden - Willard Bay State Park

Google Maps is my main source of scouting out locations for places that I can readily access with a quick jump in the car. I also use Facebook Groups to see what places other photographers are shooting that I may like. I found this spot by Google Maps, it was down a dirt road, make a left at a tree kind of spot. The night before my husband I went three locations that looked good via Google Maps but I needed to see which ones I actually liked. This was the last spot we went to and I just kept saying “I love it, I love it”.

The next morning I met up with Kyanna & Brayden at the entrance of Willard Bay State Park, they hopped in with Jewels (cutie doggo) and we headed to this location. It was foggy and I was in HEAVEN. It was so beautiful.

Not only that but Kyanna & Brayden were so much fun! I loved their goofiness, I could have hung out with them for hours….. the good news is that we are going to see each other again soon!