Sarah & Derik // Wild & Unwritten // Kauai Beach Couples Session

Sarah and Derik live on the neighboring island of Oahu, they came over to Kauai to model for us in not one but two shoots for Wild & Unwritten. I’m so stinking happy that they did, I honestly can say I’ve never meet a more photogenic couple. I don’t think they took one bad picture, AND they are the total package, they are incredibly kind. After this shoot they joined us for dinner and we went around the table to say our name and a fact that no one really knows, mine is that I have messed up ankle bones and can flop to the side in a 90 degree ankle, I can show you some time. Derik’s is that he fell off a 30 ft cliff in St. George (whattt up) and survived (obviously, since he is here). His right side of the face is metal, I really like to touch things and I had to use all my power to restrain myself from touching his face. We got to play in the warm water on a beach on the North Shore of Kauai, Derik kept looking out on the ocean and you can tell all he wanted to do was surf, so thank you Derik for taking one for the team and allowing us to capture your sweet love with your cutie.

Workshop: @wildandunwritten 
Design/Styling/Florals: @bixbyandpine
Swimsuit: @albionfit
Models: @sarahhbee_ & @derikbeeston