Bailey & Zach // Saint George - Chuckwalla Morning Couples Session

Morning session has easily become my favorite time to shoot. If you’re an early bird like me and hate the heat, I am your girl. Zach was deployed for the army in the UAE, and Bailey was such a champ to survive the long distance. I appreciate them both for their sacrifice to provide aid & comfort to our country. Watching Zach come home made me tear up and I wasn’t even there. I cannot imagine if that was my husband returning back to me, I would be a huge mess. They escaped the nasty snowy weather from Northern Utah & came to beautiful sunny Saint George. The realness that my husband and I have to relocate makes me realize more and more how magical Southern Utah is and how the only other place more magical is the PNW… Almost as magical is Baileys Heidi Gibson ring, it’s seriously so beautiful..I maybe drooled a little when I first saw it.