millie olsen goes to palm springs

hi, hello

I'm originally a Washington state native, which automatically makes me in love with foliage, overcast skies and music. Even though I lived on the dry farming side of the state. In 2014, I moved to southern Utah, I slowly learned to love and appreciate the heat, red rocks and only 1.5 seasons. 

I love street tacos, you can find my favorite on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, called Tiki Tacos. But I can definitely share with you my favorite local recommendations. I also love cats, and no, I don't have one... I do however own 2 cat aprons, 1 cat spatula and 1 cat quilt my mother-in-law made me for Christmas. Fun fact: Tacocat spelled backwards is Tacocat... My two favorite things combined together. 

I married my ginger beard, blond head husband in March 2016. We met at a game night, we were playing the game Werewolves and we were on the same team. He betrayed me and got me killed, I couldn't trust him afterwards. He asked me to hang out with him multiple times but I was always "busy", I used to be a social butterfly. Eventually we ended up boating, his rocking bod first caught my eye but his dorkiness is what really hooked me in. He asked me on our first date afterwards while sitting on the ground in the parking lot at El Coyote Charro (after chowing down some tacos). We have been hooked together ever since, we were each other's last first kiss (name that band!). 

Relationships (whether marriage, family, or friends) are not always peaches and cream. They contain heartbreak, silent treatments, disappointment; they also contain laughter, pranks, faith, and service. We are imperfect people who possess different talents, dreams, flaws, and we choose to love others. We exercise forgiveness, we seek forgiveness, we sacrifice, we giggle, we are selfish, & we choose one another. 

I believe relationships shouldn't be stagnant yet should be something we actively work at and continually nourish. I want to capture the intimate moments, the real laughs, the special quirks that make your relationship yours. Moments you can look back to fondly when the going gets rough, when you don't get to see each other as often as you'd like, or just because. Each season of life brings new normals, new challenges, new favorites. 

Let me document the moments that make you, you.

little moments into my marriage and into my life.